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At Holywell, writing is woven throughout the whole of our curriculum. Throughout our children’s time at Holywell, our aim is to teach the children to find their voice as a writer. We will provide opportunities and the tools and techniques in order for them to develop their own style, confidence and independence. We want our children to know how to write and we model how to construct pieces of writing in order for the children to be able to write successfully. Progression of skills is built upon each year and a developing vocabulary is a key focus. The teaching of writing follows an explicit learning sequence across the school. 


By the end of Key Stage 2, we aim for a child to be able to:

  • Write with confidence, fluency and understanding, orchestrating a range of independent strategies to self-monitor and correct
  • Have an interest in words and their meanings, developing a growing vocabulary in spoken and written forms
  • Understand a range of text types and genres and to be able to write in a variety of styles and forms appropriate to the situation
  • Develop the powers of imagination, inventiveness and critical awareness
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