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Who's Who

Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mr C Hamilton 

Deputy Headteacher: Miss A Jones

Assistant Headteacher: Miss V Tuck 

Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENDCo): Miss R Evans

Acting Early Years Lead: Mrs J Ayers (Mrs N Watkins - currently on maternity leave)

Assessment Lead: Mr J Evans

PSHE Lead: Miss H Roberts


Administration Team

Business Manager: Mrs A Farmer 

Administrator: Mrs A Barratt

Secretary: Mrs M Eastwood

Attendance Officer: Mrs L Ward  


Teaching and Learning Team


Teachers: Mrs A Wootton and Mrs K Barnard 

Learning Support: Mrs W Williamson, Mrs S Spears, Mrs J Hellingsworth, Mrs K Lloyd and Miss J Harper


Year R

Teachers: Mrs J Ayers, Miss H Roberts, Miss R Evans, Mrs C O'Connor and Mrs N Watkins (currently on maternity leave) 

Learning Support: Mrs J Hale, Mrs J Sadler and Miss B Hawcock


Year 1

Teachers: Miss P Sibbald, Mrs L Whitehead and Mrs A Webb

Learning Support: Mrs D Lacy and Mrs S McGarry


Year 2

Teachers: Miss E Miller, Miss Jones, Miss R Gwilliam and Mrs J Thompson (currently on maternity leave)

Learning Support: Mrs E Forth and Mrs D Lacy


Year 3 

Teachers: Mrs S Watson, Mrs J McLeod, Mr Harrigan and Miss V Tuck 

Learning Support: Mrs S Goddard, Miss K Kelly, Mrs E Wollacott, Mrs K Wareham and Mrs G Pedley 


Year 4 

Teachers: Mrs L Thompson and Mrs J Watt

Learning Support: Mrs J Lynch, Mrs T Toogood and Mrs S Plimmer


Year 5 

Teachers: Mr J Evans and Mrs E Boswell

Learning Support: Mrs R Jackson and Mrs L Crawford


Year 6 

Teachers: Mrs D Savage and Mrs S Boswell

Learning Support: Mrs L Williams and Miss E Graham


Thrive Practitioner: Mrs E Linton 

Cover Supervisor and Thrive Practitioner: Mrs C Swalwell

Languages Teacher: Mrs J Jacques

PE Teachers/Providers: Fit4Schools and P and E Sports

Music Teacher: Mr R Tudor

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs J Prosser 


Site Team

Site Manager: Mr N Evans

Lead Cleaner: Mrs L Crawford 

Cleaners: Mrs L Evans, Mrs K Lloyd, Mrs S Powell and Mrs J Clarke


Lunchtime Team

Lead Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs L Evans

Lunchtime Supervisors: Miss J Harper, Mrs L Bowcott, Mrs L Drew, Mrs K Lloyd, Mrs S McGarry, Miss L Teckoe, Mrs K Wareham, Miss K Kelly, Mrs T Toogood, Mrs A Lancaster, Miss E Graham and Miss S Plimmer 


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