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At Holywell Primary and Nursery School we make music an enjoyable and inclusive experience.  We encourage all pupils to participate in a variety of musical and performance experiences through which, we aim to build a love of music and confidence in our pupils.  Our aim is to expose pupils to a range of music of varying styles and traditions from around the world and historic periods.  We aim for our pupils to recognise the works of great composers both modern and classical and we ensure, where possible, that this includes that a range of diverse composers are studied.   


We build our curriculum for Music through the National Curriculum aims and objectives.  In addition to this, we use the Music Express scheme of work as a basis for lessons across the school.  This provides a range of topics, world music styles and key skills, ensuring that there is coverage and progression of musical skills and knowledge from Year 1 to Year 6.  Children at Holywell Primary and Nursery School are taught to listen to, evaluate and preform music in all year groups as well as having a range of opportunities to learn how to sing in groups through music lessons and through singing assemblies and performances.  Children learn how to explore, create, compose and understand the structure and organisation of music at the appropriate level for their age group.


At Holywell Primary and Nursery School, we proudly expose our pupils to a number of experiences that support and enhance the music curriculum.  By the time pupils leave the school in Year 6; they will have had many opportunities to attend musical performances as well as performing themselves.  Pupils in Early Years and Key Stage 1 take part in nativity performances and pupils in Key Stage 2 take part Carol Concerts at the local church annually.  In addition to this, pupils are regularly given the opportunity to visit local theatres or workshops to watch professional performances as well as creating links with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.  Every child is given the option to learn a musical instrument at some point in their time at the school with a music specialist, and all Year 4 pupils are taught how to play the recorder with weekly lessons.      


Aims of Music in the Holywell Curriculum


Through the National Curriculum aims and objectives, through the use of Music Express and wider curricular experiences, we aim to ensure that our pupils are able to:

  • Confidently perform either by singing or playing an instrument, either solo or a part of a group.
  • Compose and create songs and pieces of music with rhythmic patterns and an awareness of timbre, duration, pitch, dynamics, beat etc. and to have the ability to evaluate and refine their pieces. 
  • Use digital technology to compose, evaluate and refine pieces of music.
  • Transcribe, read and use basic and standard musical notation.
  • Describe music using a wide range of musical vocabulary to accurately describe and appraise music.
  • Describe and discuss how music makes them feel and to understand the power that music has to effect their mood and the mood of others.
  • Name and describe the works of great modern and classical composers and to be able to identify a range of musical styles throughout history and from around the world. 


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