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Religious Education

At Holywell we provide opportunities for the children to learn about and from a range of world religions.

We encourage pupils to experience, explore and understand the concept of freedom of belief.

In line with the Worcestershire agreed syllabus for Religious Education, we familiarise ourselves with the main world religions (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism). Within each key stage we learn about Christianity, together with at least one other principal religion as well as non-religious worldviews such as Humanism.

The children are encouraged to explore their own feelings and beliefs, and those of others, through engaging in discussions about the purpose of life, beliefs about God and issues of right and wrong in a respectful, open minded environment.      

In order to bring our RE topics to life we enable children to handle religious artefacts and to visit local places of worship. We also welcome visitors to our lessons including parents from different ethnic groups and our local vicar.

Holywell Religious Education topics

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