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Remote Education

As a school, we are using the Seesaw app, introduced to children and their families during the autumn term, to set home learning each day. Using this app, children will be in contact with a teacher and LSA from their year group who will be setting, monitoring and assessing work completed.


The year group pages below remain active as a back-up in case of technical issues and for any general information you may find useful. 


Your child should check Seesaw each day to find out what they need to do; 3-5 activities will be set each day and children should send their work directly back to the teachers via the app. 


If parents or carers need to contact the school about home learning, please email your child's year group directly on the reinstated home learning email addresses:



Year 1: 

Year 2: 

Year 3: 

Year 4: 

Year 5: 

Year 6: 

A Tutorial of Seesaw Home Learning For Parents

We know that becoming familiar with new technology is never easy, so here is one video that might help you with one of your queries. Further queries can be directed to the home learning email addresses where we will do our best to help you.

What is Seesaw? A Guide for Children

The videos above explain the basics, including how children can respond to work. At the start of the first video it mentions the Seesaw for families app which we don't have yet, so please ignore that. 


Seesaw works well on a tablet or laptop. Although it works on phones too, doing work on there is difficult as the screen is so small. Another option you could try is using an Xbox, if yours has online facilities. 


Please get in touch in you have any difficulties at all. 

Also, don't forget that year group specific information can be found on the class pages by following the link below:
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