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Home Learning

As a school, we want to support our children and their families in any way we can during this time. One way we aim to do this is through offering home learning options for all of our children from Nursery to Year 6. We understand this will be a tricky time for our families and our staff want to support you in any way we can. If you require any advice or support with the home learning ideas, please contact Miss Tuck at and I will help or direct your query to a staff member who can!


We can print out the home learning project pages for children who do not have access to the internet which include a mixture of online and paper based learning to cater for the resources our families may have at home. If you require this, please email Miss Tuck at the email address above. 


Holywell's Home Learning Projects 


Why have Learning Projects been created?

As a school we acknowledge that they cannot replace the quality of learning your child receives at school however, these projects are designed for all children to access in order to maximise their learning whilst at home. 


What are the aims of the Learning Projects?

● To create age specific learning opportunities for primary school children.

● To create a resource for parents that is easy to access and use - the focus is on parents being able to help deliver the content or children accessing it independently.

● Key learning is linked to the National Curriculum.

● To enable children to continue with their learning at home during an enforced shutdown.

● To enable families to focus on a joint topic and theme to promote family wide learning.

 ● To provide structure and focus to each day that an enforced shutdown occurs.


How do I use the Learning Projects?

As a parent your first step is to select the age range linked to the year group your child is in. You then download the project and begin following it. The aim is for you to complete a minimum of two hours of learning a day with your child but this is very much your parental choice and you may wish for your child to do less or more.


What happens if my child finds the learning too difficult?

Our first piece of advice to parents is that ALL children find elements of learning challenging at times so try not to worry if your child becomes stuck and you cannot explain it to them. If this happens then make a note of what they found hard and move onto another learning activity - the school will cover any misconceptions when we return. The Learning Projects which have been designed are based on the National Curriculum expectations for the year group which your child is in. It may be that your child finds the tasks set within the Learning Project for their year group too challenging, for example if they have additional learning needs. If this is the case, then we advise that your child accesses the Learning Projects which are set to the age range below, for example a child in Year 3/4 could attempt the KS1 Learning Project or Year 1 Learning Project, if this is more appropriate for them.

Curriculum Links


As school, we invest in a number of online resources and also recognise that there are many educational providers offering their online resources for free. The links below link to resources we provide and are using as part of the learning projects above. In addition, they link to wider resources that you may also find useful.



Also, don't forget that year group specific information can be found on the class pages by following the link below:


Keep in Touch


As a school, we want to keep in touch with our children and their families during this time. The channels we are using are:





  • We will email newsletters to our families, so please make sure you are receiving these. If you are not, please contact the school office on
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