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New technologies are integral to the lives of children and young people in today’s society, both within schools and in their lives outside school.

Our aim is to empower learners to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in our digital world. Children are encouraged to talk openly about their online lives and experiences while being reminded of how to keep themselves safe.

E-Safety is an integral part of our Computing Curriculum and is taught throughout the year in every year group using SWGFL resources.  Children as young as Year 1 are taught how to send emails, thinking about what information is appropriate to send and how to report an unkind message to an adult.   Older children learn about what information is safe to share online, including online blogs, learning about copyright and how to avoid and deal with unwelcome content online.


At Holywell, we encourage children to remember to the 'SMART' rules when using the internet:


S - Safe - Keep your personal information safe, when chatting or posting on line. Never share your passwords with anybody or write them down.

M - Meeting - Never arrange to meet with someone that you have met online. Remember they are still strangers. Always talk to an adult if someone has asked you to meet them on the internet.

A - Accepting - Only accept messages, e-mails and files from people that you know. DO not open e-mails or files from strangers.

R - Reliable - The internet is not always reliable. People may lie about who they are and information written online may not be true.

T - Tell - Tell an adult who you trust if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or worried or if you or somebody that you know is being bullied online.


Useful websites:

You may find the following documents useful:
To view our online safety policy, please follow the link below:
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