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REO’s Father’s Day Forest school fun!

The children in REO invited all of our male relatives and friends to a Father’s Day Forest School wow event. It was very exciting, we began with a health and safety talk from Miss Hale, on boundaries, fire pit, rules, etc

Then we began our picnic…

and then the fun started…

Hide and Seek- the adults went first.. the children counted to 30 and then had to go and find the adults who were hiding..

Can you see who is hiding? Mr Cliff was the best and it took us ages to find him!

Then the adults had to count…

and the children hid…

The children were very good and it took the adults a little longer to find them… Lola was our winner- no one could find her!

Then we let the adults choose what activities they would like to do… there was minibeast hunting, hide and seek, exploring, tree climbing, making bird feeders, tree rubbings, sawing, and of course den building (which proved very popular amongst the more competitive dads)

and we finished our Forest School session with hot dogs and S’Mores, YUM YUM!!!!

A huge HAPPY FATHER”S DAY to all of our Daddies and father figures, and a great big thank you to all of the volunteers who were able to come and play with us all afternoon. You were amazing and without this support, we would be unable to offer such fun sessions.

And finally a great big high five to Miss Hale who is our Forest School lead for REO and spent the last week planning and organising all the fun and very practical activities. I am sure you will completely agree that she is amazing and hopefully you can all give her a big High 5 when you see her!

Thanks also to Miss Kelly who swapped her hours to stay and help.

I am very lucky to have such a wonderful class and wonderful team. Thank you!

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