Holywell Primary and Nursery School

Ogden Physicist of the Year

Well done to Ellie, in 6RW, who has been chosen as this year’s Ogden Physicist of the Year. Ellie is a fantastic budding scientist! I’ll let Ellie explain the awards evening…

on Thursday 23rd June, i went to Birmingham University to collect my award for physicist of the year. When we arrived, we all collected in a little room to have some food. They then told us that if we followed the students downstairs we would be able to see some experiments. I saw Newton’s cradle, a plasma ball, liquid nitrogen and other experiments. We looked around all the experiments and the students were very good at explaining everything. Then we followed them into the large theatre hall. I was called to the front to accept my award, along with 10 or 11 others. After we’d had our photo taken, we had a talk from a scientist about temperatures, space, and the distances between the Earth and the Moon. After, we were thanked for coming, then allowed to leave. I had a great evening!

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