Holywell Primary and Nursery School

Year 6 Electricity Workshop

Dr. Watson came to visit Year 6 in an electricity science workshop.I bet you’re wondering about the lemon and potato? Well, we made a circuit with a lemon,potato,nails,switch,lamp,2 copper coins and 2~4 crocodile clips.We made a very bright switch at first, but then we started mixing things around and the light either became very dim or didn’t come on at all. We then got a plastic bag that had been cut up in to one long line and the line was folded over and you brushed your hand down tightly and then the two lines repelled from each other, because of static electricity.We then rubbed a comb and balloon on our head and the static from the comb and balloon attracted tiny circles of paper to them.This was very interesting and a fun way to learn.

by Ciara from 6RW


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