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Surviving the Lickey Hills

Year 6 took their ‘Mission:Survive’ adventure one step further this week, by putting together all of the skills they have learned so far in this topic to the test at Lickey Hills Country Park. The day started by packing up everything we needed for the day. Everyone walked to Beacon Hill, and then through the park looking for habitats. The journey ended at the Warren Lane visitor centre, where children were given an informative talk about the area by one of the park rangers. There was also the opportunity to look at the ‘habitats’ displays in the visitor centre building. After lunch, Year 6 cooked themselves a pancake on their camp stoves (and washed up!), before taking part in a shelter building challenge.

It was then time to return to school. On return, we discovered that we had walked over 10 miles! We then cooked our dinner, played some games and went home exhausted but smiling.

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