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Welcome to Year 4.

The Romans

The children are learning all about the Romans this half term. We will be concentrating on how the Romans invaded through Europe and changed life and facilities in their wake. We will look at the resistance in Britain through Boudicca and the Celts and what impact Julius Caesar had to the Roman invasion. 

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Watch this short clip with your children to get a taste of what we will be learning about:






Crime, Punishment and Leisure throughout the ages.

The children will find out about the legacy of the Roman justice system and crime and punishment through the Anglo-Saxon, Tudor and Victorian periods. They will also deepen their historical awareness and understanding of how our past is constructed through studying the famous highwayman Dick Turpin. The final lesson allows the children to reflect upon and evaluate what they have learnt in this unit, as well as comparing modern day crime prevention and detection methods with those from the past. Children will also learn about how developments in 20th century leisure and technology can make life in this century easier.


A copy of our Spring 1 topic map is below: 

Spring 1 topic map


Why are the Norman Castles certainly not bouncy?

Last half term we were looking at life in the Norman times, and how they lived within castles. Through this we were looking at the specific design of a Norman castle and how it’s features were used for defensive purposes.



Take a look at our topic map below:


Aut 2 topic map


Take a look at our recent trip to Warwick Castle to explore a real life Norman castle (post attached)


I’m in a city, get me out of here!

Last half term we were looking at the physical geography of cities in the UK and around Europe. 

Throughout this, the children learnt how to use atlases and maps efficiently, and how to compare physical features of different cities. 



Use the link below to have access to our topic map:

Aut 1 topic map

News & Updates

Oak House Point Winners go to Forest School

Oak House were house point winners this term and children from Oak House in years 3 to 6 had a fun-packed morning at Forest School as their reward.  We toasted marshmallows and made damper bread on the fire, washed down with hot chocolate.  We also made dens, climbed trees, built...
Posted On 14 Apr 2018
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Mad about Maths

Mad about Maths   In Maths in Year 4, this week, we have been looking at graphs; bar charts and line graphs.  We have done our own research and study, looking at the temperature outside on the hour, each hour, to determine if and how, the temperature changes throughout the...

Year 4 are QR crazy

We have been using the Ipads over the last term to do our own research. We have to find QR codes dotted around the classroom and scan them. These take us to websites or to questions, which we then use to complete our own research.  We have used them so far, for Dick Turpin and...

Year 4 Forensics day!

Year 4 had a great time last half term, we had many exciting days with the children and the forensics day was just one of them. We had the police come in and talk to us about how they catch criminals and what forensics are and how they are used. We got to go around the hall and...

Year 4 English Experience day

Today we had a lot of fun, drinking hot chocolate and hot Vimto. We brought our own blankets in and snuggled up. We were looking at what the boy in our story did when he was upset to see how it would make us feel. Have a look at what it looked like below:  

Warwick Castle Trip

Year 4 visited Warwick Castle and we had an absolute blast! We got to see all the features of a real Norman Castle (and we were very good at naming them and spotting them!) We watched a bird of prey show, where the birds literally swooped over our head, that was cool! Our fitness...

Creative Year 4

We have had a creative few weeks in Year 4 and this isn’t going to stop now! We all made our own lanterns with help from our friends at Artrix, and are expecting them to be lit up beautifully on the 17th December in Bromsgrove in a magical parade which is led by a huge...

Electricity fun

Electricity fun   In year 4, this half term we have been learning all about electricity and circuits. We have created our own circuits in different ways and done investigations about how they work, and what will turn a light bulb on, and which circuits wouldn’t. We...