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Welcome to Year 4.


Image result for ancient greeceAncient Greeks!!

This is our last half term in Year 4… and we are going to learn all about the Ancient Greeks. The children are going to be finding out information that they want to know about the civilization and we will be concentrating on some of the myths, legends and Gods that have come from Ancient Greece.


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Click below to see our parent topic letter on what we are covering this half term:

parent topic letter Greeks

Weather watch!

Let’s learn about the weather. We learnt how different places receive different types of weather, and also how this affects those areas. 

We concentrated on weather in the UK and improved our geography skills by finding out the counties and cities around the UK. 

Related image

Please see our link to the topic map below: 

 parent topic letter



In the second Spring half term we are investigating the Celts and Romans!

We will be learning lots of exciting facts about the history of the Roman Empire, from who they were; 

To what they did; 

To what they created;


It’s going to be an exciting half term!

 Use the link below to see our topic map!

parent topic letter


Last half term we were looking at The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo.


We improved our narrative writing skills, using the book to support us.

Please look at the topic map for further information about the coverage.

Our Topic last term was Chocolate!!




We are concentrating on different forms of chocolate, how we can change the state it is in. We will be doing this through different investigations and experiments.

Through English lessons we are looking at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, and improving our sentence structure in our own writing, using his book as an example.

We are also concentrating on the Cadbury family, and how they have impacted the chocolate industry in the United Kingdom.


From this…

cadburys_cocoa_advert_with_rower_1885 cadburys1954

To this…




We are also planning a trip to Bournville this half term to see where it all started!



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