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Welcome to year 2!

What was life like 150 years ago?

During this topic we are going to find out what life was like 150 years. We are going to look at life at home; the differences between rich and poor people; a child’s life (jobs and school); and  transport to start with. Closer to Christmas we will be looking at a Victorian Christmas. After Christmas holidays we will learn about life in a Victorian School.

Year 2 Autumn Timetable


In maths over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at multiplication and learning the corresponding multiplication and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We have started off by looking at multiplication as repeated addition. Over the next few lessons we will look at each of the times tables and will look at representing the tables in arrays. At home if you wanted to go over the times tables with your children that would be great. We are using Percy Parker songs in class to support this learning (If you search Percy Parker and the table you want the videos are generally available to view online).


In English we are going to be using the story of Dogs Don’t Do Ballet by Anna Kemp to help inspire us with our writing. If you want to listen to the story being read it is available on the either of the links below.



Spellings will be given on a Monday and tested on the following Monday. This year we will be testing spellings based on the spelling appendices found in the National Curriculum for year 2. A copy of the most recent spellings can be found beneath. Please help your child to learn these spellings. It would be great if your child could find anymore words that follow the weeks focus. We will also go through the spellings during lesson times.

week 1 silent letters

week 2 silent letters

Week 3 -dge -ge endings

Week 4 common exception

Week 5 -le endings

Week 6 -el endings

Week 7 -il -al endings

Week 8 -ies endings


Each week your child will be getting homework. The homework will be handed out on a Friday and is expected back in on the following Wednesday. Each week the homework will consist of work from either a maths or English workbook. The homework will be one or two pages from the book. As well as this we would like you to spend time reading with your child and doing some maths. The maths could consist of learning times tables (expectations by the end of year 2 is for your child to know 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables) or counting forwards and backwards below 100 in different sized steps starting from different places.

Homework 17.11.17: pages 11 and 12  of the Maths book. This work is all based on multiplication and times tables.   The work is to be handed back in by Wednesday 22nd November.

Extra Homework 10.11.17 – 19.12.17: Our next topic is going to be based on the Victorians and what life was like 150 years ago. If you would like to do some work with your children looking at life in the Victorian times that would be great. Any information that they find out can be brought into school and shared with the rest of the children. We are going to look at life at home; the differences between rich and poor people; a child’s life (jobs and school); and  transport to start with.

News & Updates

Beauty and the Beast Cinema Trip

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were all very excited to go on their Cinema Trip to see Beauty and the Beast on Friday, 10th November. The children behaved impeccably on their long walk to the cinema and enjoyed their drinks and snacks as they watched the film.  The walk back seemed...
Posted On 12 Nov 2017
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Dogs Don’t Do Ballet

For the next few weeks we are going to be reading the book Dogs Don’t Do Ballet by Anna Kemp. To introduce the book we did a morning of dance listening to different songs and types of music and seeing how that inspired us to move. It was a lot of fun and all the children...
Posted On 30 Oct 2017
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Where The Wild Things Are

Over the last three weeks we have been using ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ as inspiration for our writing. We have really enjoyed looking at the story and making it our own. Below is our version of the story that every member of 2JE has written at least one sentence...
Posted On 30 Oct 2017
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Where The Wild Things Are

In English over the last week we have been reading and writing our own versions of Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. On Friday we made loads of Wild Thing masks. We used wool, coloured paper, paper plates, whiteboard pens to draw the eyes and PVA glue to stick it all...
Posted On 09 Oct 2017
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Parents’ Evening Letter

Parents Evening Autumn Term
Posted On 03 Oct 2017
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Classes for next academic year

New classes for next year
Posted On 03 Jul 2017
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Y2 Butterfly Art

To finish off our week of butterfly inspired art work the children collaborated in completing a giant butterfly picture.
Posted On 25 May 2017
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Term Date change

Term date change
Posted On 19 May 2017
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