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Welcome to year 2!

For the second Spring half term 2JE will be doing forest schools on a Wednesday afternoon. Please can you ensure that your child has warm outdoor clothes as we will be out in all types of weather.

Our Spring 2 topic is going to be looking at Kenya. We are going to look at how life might be different in Kenya compared to our own lives. We are going to look at the animals that live in the country and what it might be like going to school there. We are going to also look at people’s initial ideas about Kenya before they know anything about the place.


Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at writing an advert. We will be designing our own sweet/invention and then writing an exciting advert to try and sell out sweets.


For the next two weeks we are going to be looking at 2d shapes. We are starting off with sorting different 2d shapes and identifying the different properties of 2d shapes. We will move on to talking about lines of symmetry and identifying them in a 2d shape.


Spellings will be given on a Monday and tested on the following Monday. This year we will be testing spellings based on the spelling appendices found in the National Curriculum for year 2. A copy of the most recent spellings can be found beneath. Please help your child to learn these spellings. It would be great if your child could find any other words that follow the weeks focus. We will also go through the spellings during lesson times.

Spring Week 1 -ing endings

Spring Week 2 -er -ed -est endings

Spring Week 3 u sound spelt with o

Spring Week 4 ee sound spelt with ey

Spring week 5 – o sound spelt with an a

Spring week 6 – Common Exception

Spring week 7 – sh sound spelt with an s

Spring week 8 -suffixes

Spring week 9 – numbers 11 – 20

Spring week 10 – numbers 21-100

Spring week 11 – Revision


Each week your child will be getting homework. The homework will be handed out on a Friday and is expected back in on the following Wednesday. Each week the homework will consist of work from either a maths or English workbook. The homework will be one or two pages from the book. As well as this we would like you to spend time reading with your child and doing some maths. The maths could consist of learning times tables (expectations by the end of year 2 is for your child to know 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables) or counting forwards and backwards below 100 in different sized steps starting from different places.

Homework 23.3.18: This week the homework will be from the maths mental workout pages 13 and 14.

News & Updates

Year 2 Bubble Art

Year 2 spent the day experimenting with bubble and seeing what they really looked like. We blew bubbles outside, took pictures of bubbles, used bubble paint and even had a go at drawing some bubbles. We had lots of fun!  
Posted On 22 Jun 2018
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Year 2 Seaside Project Homework

In Year 2 over the last two weeks we set a topic homework based on the seaside. The homework was to complete a piece of work on the seaside. The work could be anything the children wanted to be about as long as it was related to the seaside. The projects the children have...
Posted On 12 Jun 2018
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Year 2 zoo animals paintings

This afternoon we decided to work in groups to create large scale paintings of the animals that we had seen at the zoo. We had to work as a team to discuss who would paint which animals, and how they would complete the painting altogether. The results are fantastic!
Posted On 07 Jun 2018
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Year 2 Dudley Zoo 2JT

The children had a fantastic day at Dudley Zoo on Tuesday. We saw lots of exciting animals and had the chance to get really close to some of them. We all had great fun!  
Posted On 07 Jun 2018
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Year 2 Dudley Zoo Trip

What a wonderful day we have had. We went to Dudley Zoo to find out about animals from Africa. We were lucky enough to have a talk with one of the keepers all about African creatures. She showed us some animal bones and animal skins, she even got out some animals for us to touch....
Posted On 05 Jun 2018
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Year 2 WANTED: The Perfect Pet

Year 2 have been reading WANTED: The Perfect Pet by Fiona Roberton in English and Guided Reading. We reached the part of the story where a duck has seen an wanted advert in the newspaper for the perfect pet (also know as a dog). However the duck is not a dog, and wants to become...
Posted On 24 May 2018
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Year 2 Royal Wedding Art

Year 2 spent the morning creating collages based on wedding themes. They cut up different coloured squares of paper and placed them carefully to create some stunning pieces of art.
Posted On 24 May 2018
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Year 2 The Parable of the Lost Sheep

We learnt that parables are heavenly stories with earthly meanings. The Lost Sheep showed us that God loves everybody, and doesn’t want anyone to lose their way. The shepherd celebrated when he found the lost sheep, just like God celebrates when someone chooses to believe...
Posted On 15 May 2018
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