Holywell Primary and Nursery School

Hello and welcome to Reception at Holywell Primary School

We have two classes in each year group, but in Reception we work together very closely. The children learn through play and the adults support this play and provide a safe environment for the children to explore and test out their ideas. The adults will use the children’s interests or next steps to develop play through offering a breadth of opportunities or resources for us to use in a variety of ways.

We enjoy a mixture of adult-led and child-led learning and the children choose their own topics for learning (see below for topic plans). Throughout the year Foundation Stage get to access one of our two forest school sites and enjoy cooking on the fire, whittling and using a bow saw to make a variety of different objects.

The Reception staff are;

Mrs Watkins (Foundation Stage Leader and Reception Teacher)

   Miss Evans (SENDCo and Reception Teacher)

   Mrs O’Connor (Reception Teacher)

  Miss Roberts (Reception Teacher)

    Miss Hale

  Miss Lewis

   Mrs Sadler

  Mrs Hellingsworth

  Mrs Barnard will teach Reception PPA on a Wednesday afternoon.

We talk to the children about what they know and they help us to choose their own topics.  Here are the topics we have chosen so far:

Topics 2018-19

Autumn 1  Special Me topic for parents

children in need

Master Chef Parent Info

Topics 2017-18

Summer 1 Magic and Mayhem

Spring 2 From A to B

Spring 1 Fun with Food

Autumn 2 Sparkle and Shine

Autumn 1 All About Me

Topics for 2016-17

Summer 2   Happy Holidays!

Summer 1 Trolls Parent Info

Spring 2 Spring and Growing

Spring 1 Ready Steady Make

Autumn 2 Celebrations

Autumn 1 Castles and Kingdoms

News & Updates

Reception Reading Buddies

Every week Year 6 children come to listen to us read our books.  We have really enjoyed getting to know them and reading our books to them.  We are looking forward to the summer when we will be allowed to read outside!
Posted On 11 Feb 2019
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Reception Celebrate Chinese New Year!

We had great fun at school celebrating Chinese new year.  We learned all about the Chinese Zodiac Story and found out when Chinese New Year is celebrated and how it is celebrated.  We discovered that there are parades with dragon dancing and children receive money in red...
Posted On 11 Feb 2019
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Support our Local Library!

This week Reception visited Rubery Library.  Helen and Pat welcomed us and showed us around.  We found out about all the services that the library offer.  We were very sad to hear that the library is under threat of closure.  We would love to continue to support them by visiting...
Posted On 23 Jan 2019
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We have been reading and role-playing the story of the Little Red Hen.  No one helped her make the bread, but we all worked together to make some tasty bread ourselves! We made three different types of bread.  Cinnamon and Raisin, Mixed Herb and Wholemeal.  We looked carefully at...
Posted On 16 Jan 2019
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Remembrance Day in Reception

The children all had the opportunity to buy some of the remembrance day merchandise during the week. We discussed what it meant and the children took part in the 2 minute silence! The children were able to follow instructions to make their own Poppies! How independent!
Posted On 28 Nov 2018
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Parents love the Phonics WOW!

      The parents and teachers really enjoyed our phonics workshop. We were able to show the parents how we teach phonics at Holywell Primary School and then the children came up to the hall to play the phonics games. Hopefully the parents found this helpful, in order to support...
Posted On 28 Nov 2018
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RRW LOVE Forest Schools

We have had so much fun going to Forest Schools! We have even got a little messy!
Posted On 28 Nov 2018
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Friends, friends, friends!

We have so many friends in Reception- we spent a long time talking about who our friends are and what we like to do! The children even had a go at taking photos of their friends using the ipads and we all took selfies
Posted On 28 Nov 2018
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