Holywell Primary and Nursery School

 School Development Priorities for 2016-17badge

 Our aim in 2016/17 is to improve achievement further such that:

  • The progress of children in every year group is at least good.
  • The gap between disadvantaged pupils and others nationally is further reduced.
  • The proportion of children at age appropriate expectations and above rises in every year group.

To achieve this we will improve our curriculum and assessment, we will focus on raising the quality of our teaching, we will further improve attendance, and we continue to sharpen our leadership focus.

Emerging Issues/End Summer 2016 for September 2016/17:

  • Changes made to the way we teach writing across the school.
  • Embedding of distance marking following pilot (Summer 2016)
  • Continued improvements made in opportunities in The Arts.
  • Addition of Mental Health units to our updated PSHE/C scheme
  • Uniting all of these above priorities through a Mental Health focused project across the whole school.
  • Additional Maths provision for children who find maths very difficult (Fist Class in Number).