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ogden trust

The Ogden Trust is a charitable trust that exists to promote the teaching and learning of physics. Click here to visit their website.


Zap!   It’s been electrifying!  We have learnt all about electricity and how it moves into all our homes! We also found out what different conductors and insulators are, thinking about...
Posted On 09 Jun 2017
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What’s good for your teeth?

We learnt about sugar content in some of our favourite cereals and drinks. To do this we needed to find out how much sugar was in each item, and also what sugar does to our drinks. We had lot of...
Posted On 09 Jun 2017
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Flower dissection – Year 5

Year 5 had a very interesting and productive afternoon dissecting a range of flowers. We used magnifying glasses to look closely at the parts of a flower and this helped us to understand the...
Posted On 06 Jun 2017

Y2 Seed Investigation

As part of our science plants topic we planned an experiment to find out what seeds needed to germinate. We planted different types of seeds to see if it made a difference on the type of plant....
Posted On 15 May 2017
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Y2 The Seed Investigation

As our science topic is looking at plants we have had our investigation hats on. The children took a magnifying glass to look at plants and identify all of their different parts.
Posted On 15 May 2017
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Year 2 Science Think Tank

On the 27th April we were lucky enough to Visit Lickey Hills  Primary School to have a fabulous talk about science. A gentleman from Think Tank in Birmingham. We had two fabulous talks. The first...
Posted On 28 Apr 2017
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Traction Man Parachute Adventure

As part of Science week we decided to try and make a parachute for Traction Man. First of all we read the book and found that Traction Man had had a terrible parachute accident. We decided that...
Posted On 23 Mar 2017
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Year 6’s Hoop Gliders Soar To Infinity And Beyond!

Previously, on the 16/03/17, Year 6 carried out some experiments to do with aerodynamics: Lift, Thrust, Weight and Drag. They made ‘Hoop Gliders’ and used them to find out their...
Posted On 21 Mar 2017
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Material Testing

Year 5 enjoyed working in the Phiz Lab to test different materials. Here are some photos.  
Posted On 01 Feb 2017
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Grouping materials

Year 5 have been busy this week grouping materials based on their properties.  We learnt lots and had fun in the Phiz Lab.   
Posted On 20 Jan 2017
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Astronaut Trip

On the 17th of November, ten year six children went to King Edward VI Five Ways to meet a former astronaut, Micheal Foale. They really enjoyed meeting Micheal and hearing all about Space and his...
Posted On 28 Nov 2016
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Space Camp

On Tuesday, 8/11/16, Yr 5 had an amazing time at Space Camp. Here are some of the pictures of the night. We hope that we will have many more Space Camps just like this one.
Posted On 10 Nov 2016
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