Holywell Primary and Nursery School

Year 5, The next J K Rowling?

   Year 5 have been writing their own books during the term. They have all based their stories on an alien life form and have targeted the KS1 audience. After much planning, writing, editing and re-editing, the books were ready to be published.    Each author has recieved a copy of their book. We all agreed it would be really interesting for them to look back on in future years. Who knows, they may read their story to their own children!

   However, the real test came when the pupils took their publications down to Year 1, Reception and Nursery to test them out on their target audience.

As can be seen, the younger children loved having year 5 read to them and really enjoyed the stories.  They enjoyed them so much, they invited the pupils to play in the sand pit and water pool. It did not take long before my class was reliving their younger years.                        i WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL PUPILS AND STAFF OF THE LOWER SCHOOL FOR MAKING US FEEL SO WELCOME.  MRS WOOTON EVEN LET US HAVE A DANCE WITH THEM!

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