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A WWII Feast. 5MH Chefs Cook Up a Storm.

5MH Chefs Cook Up a Storm.


We have been investigating the effects of the Second World War on the people left at home.  We were amazed to find out about rationing and how food was divided between people.  Mr. Harrigan showed us a WWII cookery book and we decided to cook curried carrots and a variety of scones.  First the vegetables had to be weighed, washed and diced.  It was difficult at first but we soon became experts at it.

Top Tip: Mrs Swallwell told us to keep our tongues out when cutting the onions – it will stop your eyes from watering.  IT WORKED!  IT REALLY WORKED!

A variety of scones were baked including apricot, cranberry and cherry.  Yum Yum.


The food smelt delicious and we were all looking forward to our feast.

After giving thanks for our good fortune and remembering all those who lost their lives in the war, we tucked in to our 1940’s meal.



























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