Holywell Primary and Nursery School

Welcome to the new Nursery and Reception children.

 We are very excited that we are meeting our new Nursery and Reception children soon. That is about 90 new children to the school. All the teachers are looking forward to it and have already posted a postcard out to the children to tell them how much they are looking forward to seeing them.

We have been busy over the half term, we have had a new fence put up in the playground, Reception classroom has been painted, we have a chalkboard in the Nursery playground and we have had a delivery of new tyres, which we are hoping the children will help us do some planting in.

The Teachers have been busy making labels and re-arranging the classrooms to make them a great learning space for you. Mr Evans kindly bought Foundation Stage some new Maths resources for outside and we are really looking forward to using them.

We have sent all the mummies and daddies an email to join 2Simple, and by now we have sent our first email showing some of the fun things that the children got up to when they visited school. We will be busy taking photos when the children come full time so we can update our website and send out our first email from 2Simple, showing what we have been doing. If any Mummies and Daddies haven’t had an email please ask them to tell one of the teachers and we will try and sort it out.

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