Holywell Primary and Nursery School

Blackwell Court 2017

On the 22/05/17, year 6 went to Blackwell Court for a residential trip after working, doing their SATs!

They really enjoyed themselves and they came up with a favourite activity and a least favourite activity. Here are what some pupils said:

“My favourite activity was the Fan Descender. A 30 metre high wooden beam with a metal platform to step off. As I was nearly at the top, I knew I couldn’t turn back. Now I was standing on the metal platform, quivering with fear. I walked to the edge before stepping off and plummeting to the ground. I had to rely on the rope. Relief flooded through me as my jelly feet touched the ground. Phew!”

“My favourite activity at Blackwell Court was the Fan Descender. It was GREAT because when you jumped off, it would slow you down in mid-air. My least favourite activity was rock-climbing because it took forever to climb up. I really enjoyed the Crate Stack but it gave you a wedgie when you were hanging in the air. The most boring thing at Blackwell Court was the abseiling, because it took forever to abseil down.”

“Even though it was frightening, the 3G Swing was one of my favourite activities as it adrenaline pumping. Another one of my favourites was the Fan Descender, thrilling as it was scary. Don’t look down! The most traumatizing was the High All Aboard as it shook and wobbled. Morgan and I were pushing each other and we both fell off. Blackwell was fun and I’d definitely do it again.”

“The best thing ever was the High All Aboard, because I shook  Mrs Swalwell  until she screamed like a new born baby. After I eventually reached the top, I pushed Mrs Swalwell and she was swinging like a monkey after a banana. However in our free time I  really enjoyed the water fight ( I drenched Mrs Swalwell top to bottom.) I also enjoyed playing football in the fields with the 6DS girls VS the 6MH girls, 6MH won 8-1! YES! I was so proud of myself because every activity I did, I went all the way to the top. I was very nervous at the top of the Fan Descender. When i was gliding down, I was so happy I did it. It was the best three days EVER!”

“My favourite activity at Blackwell was the Fan Descender. When I started to climb the pegs, I felt like I was going to slip, but, once you had gotten to the top you had to balance on a small, metal platform and hang your toes over the edge. When I jumped down, it felt like my organs had dropped, but it was really fun and I loved it!”

“The best thing at Blackwell Court was the High All Aboard (a 28 metre pole.) My group was Scarlett, Miriam and Freyja. Once we climbed up to the top we had a war! Who could stay on for the longest? My least favourite activity was the Multi Scramble it was HORRIBLE, awful even. Worst activity ever, I  hated it! I got stuck in the middle on one part but that stays between you and me!”

Year 6 really enjoyed themselves and would love to go again!  Many thanks to Mrs. Williams, Mrs Swalwell and Miss Lippett for giving up their own time and helping the children enjoy a truly memorable experience.

– Mr. Harrigan and Mrs Savage.

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