Holywell Primary and Nursery School

Year 3 Spellings

Next week our spelling focus is polysyllabic words beginning with ‘in-‘. The children have brainstormed many of the words themselves, the expectation being that these are words within their vocabulary and that they should be taught to spell them. We will conduct several activities at school to help them learn and apply spelling patterns. After the children have been tested on the Friday,  any words they got wrong will be highlighted in pink in their diary for them to have another go at. We check this at school and if your child has no pink highlights, it is safe to assume they got them all right!

The high frequency words (HFWs) at the back of your child’s school reading record. When you hear your child read, it’s worth taking  few minutes to check that they can read and spell an increasing number of these words. This is rigorously monitored at school too.