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Walk to School Week 16-20 May 2016

Walk to School Week 16 – 20 MAY 2016

Please join over a million pupils and their families to celebrate walking to school.

We are encouraging pupils to take part in Strider’s Walk in the Wild – a five-day challenge that gets pupils enjoying the benefits of regular walking.

You may be thinking that you live too far away to take part. But that’s no problem.  You don’t have to walk the whole way, why not ‘Park and Stride’ for the last part of your journey?

During the week we will also be encouraging children to take part in a daily walk around the school field at lunchtime. Hopefully all children will be able to do some walking throughout the week and earn stickers for their Strider activity charts.  Children who take part in any walking activity throughout the week will be rewarded with a Strider magnet.

We hope that you will support this challenge and we can’t wait to see as many children as possible walking happily through the school gates!

Thank you

Holywell School Council


WHY DO WE NEED to walk to school?

Walking is the most reliable, easy and healthy mode of travel, yet as a nation our walking rates are in decline.

One in five cars on the road in the morning rush hour is on the school run. Leaving the car at home, and choosing to walk all or part of your journey means less congestion, healthier children and of course less stress at the school gates. 

Walking makes our children healthier and happier! It’s been proven that keeping active in this way reduces the chances of becoming obese, developing heart conditions and other diseases.

Not to mention it keeps the planet happier too!  There are cars everywhere you look polluting the air and increasing carbon emissions so by cutting down out fuel use the world says greener too.

Right now only half of 7-10 year olds do the recommended hour of exercise a day so it’s up to parents, siblings and teachers to encourage more activity!

The purpose of the campaign, which has been observed since 1995 is to motivate children to look at road safety awareness so they feel more confident about walking around safely on their own when they’re older.

Further information can be found at www.livingstreets.org.uk/wtsw

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