Holywell Primary and Nursery School

Think Tank – Year 2 Science

On Tuesday 22nd March Year 2 spent the morning at Lickey Hills Primary School at a science Think Tank event.  In the first session we learnt all about the human body; we learnt the names of some organs and about the senses.  We also found out about which foods are healthy and those that are unhealthy.

In the second session we learnt about Space due to Tim Peake’s space adventure!  Louis had the chance to wear a space suit and we found out about its special features.  We also found out about gravity as it was demonstrated with a hairdryer and ball.  We found it funny that in space you drink your wee (it ends up cleaner than your normal tap water after it has been cleaned!)


IMG_2292 IMG_2311 IMG_2331 IMG_2341 IMG_2287 IMG_2291

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