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Ogden Science Assistants

IMG_0364Hi, I am one of the new Science Assistants.

My favourite part of science is ‘Space’ and the fascinating facts about it.

As part of this role, I have to help the teachers get equipment they need for their science lessons. I also inform them about what is available in the Phiz Lab that relates to their lesson and check the Phiz Lab is running smoothly.

I will also update the science section of the Holywell website, taking pictures of what all the classes are doing or working on, so you can see what your child or what other classes are doing.  I will do my best to live up to this role.

My favorite thing  has been space camp so far.

I’m looking forward to testing our rocket seeds where one packet has been in Space and one has stayed on Earth.



Hi I am a new science assistant. I am 10 years old. I like science because it is one of my favourite subjects, I love doing experiments. I love gardening and that is why I love to learn about plants. I find science really interesting.so far my favourite thing about science has been space camp we had lots of fun . I’m really looking forward to be testing out the rocket seeds . Some have been in a rocket and some have been on earth . We are testing them to see if there  are any differences.




Hi, I am a new science assistant.  I am 9 years old.  I love science.  I would love to become and astronaut.  It has always been my dream since I visited NASA when I was 5 years old.  I was elated when I heard that British astronaut Tim Peake was going to the ISS ( International Space Station).

Doing this job is really fun and I am really looking forward to learning about our new Science Topic Living things and their habitats.



Hi, I’m Science Assistant for our school and I’m 10 years old.

I love science, especially ‘Space’ because I really enjoy learning about it because there are lots of things to learn about! When I’m older I wish to become an astronomer, for NASA and discover a new planet!  I will update the website and information about your child’s year.

I really enjoy being a Science Assistant and I hope that we’re a help to you. We Science Assistants are reliable and sensible so you can count on us!




Hi, I am a Science Assistant in year 5. I am 10 years old. I enjoy reading non-fiction books because I love finding out about plants, animals, science and Space.

My favourite aspect in science is Space because it is a fun topic to learn about and easy to understand new things and i loved finding out about the new discovery of planet 9.

I really enjoyed going to Space Camp and sharing a tent called ‘space shuttle’ with another science assistant! We found out lots of interesting facts about it.



Science Assistant

I’m a science assistant and I am  10. I love science. In the past I have been the Scientist of the Week. I enjoy experiments and getting involved in science. My favourite subject in science is gravity and air resistance. I hope I am a big help to every body.I am looking forward to planting our rocket seeds with one batch already gone to space and the other batch stayed here on our lovely Goldie Locks planet.

I really enjoyed Space Camp, it was so so so fun. I loved mine and my friend ‘s tent name, it was Hubble. If you didn’t know already Hubble is a space telescope.  This craft has been in space for 26 years.


IMG_0390Hello, I am a new science assistant.  My favourite part in science is ‘Space’ and finding out amazing facts to do with it.  As part of my role I have to go to the other classes and ask what they are doing and also get equipment to help them.  I hope I will be a big help.


I am really enjoying this job so far and I am really looking forward to learning about are new topic which is about living things and their habitats. I am also looking forward to planting our rocket seeds. My favourite thing so far has been Dr. Watson coming in and telling us more facts about ‘space’.



IMG_0389Hi, I am a science assistant.  The best topic in science for me is electricity/circuits.  I also love learning about plants.My job as science assistant is to organise the Phiz Lab and help the teachers with what they need in science. I’m sure ill be a big help!


I loved it when Dr Watson came in and taught us about space but my favourite thing was Space Camp.We watched the ET film which was amazing and about space.



Hi, I am a science assistant.  I am 9 years old.  In science my favourite topic is ‘space’.  I love doing experiments.  I hope I will be a help to everyone.

So far in 2016 I have enjoyed `SPACE  CAMP` because we got  to watch ET and learnt about  space and the Gemini spacecraft.   I am looking forward to seeing what to do next in the future.


IMG_0377My favourite part of science is space.  I am very interested in Tim Peake and his journey and time spent on the International Space Station (ISS).  I love science, it’s amazing, because you find out new things all the time. As part of being a science assistant I will help get equipment ready for science lessons and keep the Phiz Lab running smoothly.

So far I have enjoyed space camp it was amazing and exciting. I am looking forward to planting our rocket seeds and learning about living things and their habitats. I also enjoyed it when Dr.Watson came to tell us some more amazing facts about space.

IMG_0387Hi, I am a new science assistant.  I am 10 years old.  My favourite part about science is space, I like to find out all the amazing facts.  I find science very interesting.  My role is to take care of the Phiz Lab – I will not let the school down!


So far in science I’ve enjoyed Earth and Space and I’ve also enjoyed Space Camp –  I really enjoyed it so much. I’m looking forward to planting our rocket seeds and our new topic habitats. I also enjoyed star gazing and Dr. Watson coming in and telling us about fantastic space facts.

IMG_0378Hi, I am part of the Ogden Team.  I like science because I am able to do science things outside of school – I took part in a bug hunt last year and found some information about ‘rocket seeds’.  My favourite part of science is space.  I hope I am a great help to the school.

I also went to Space Camp at school. I loved when Dr Watson came, I learnt so many facts.  At Space Camp we watched E.T which was fun.

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