Holywell Primary and Nursery School

Nursery get Funky Fingers

Nursery really enjoyed their Funky Fingers and Active Arms WOW! events, which took place on a Monday afternoon and Thursday morning.

'Funky Fingers and Active Arms' is something the Nursery children do every week to help them develop the muscles they will need for writing when they start school proper.  We follow a 5 week rolling programme of different activities, with five separate activities set up on five different workstations for them to rotate around each session. Our WOW! event gave the parents, grandparents and even younger siblings the chance to sample these fun activities, which can all be done at home.  We did 'Dough Disco' with some play dough, made necklaces from strawberry laces and cereal hoops, put pegs around card, put small objects into baking trays with our thumbs and index fingers and did some groovy moves with our cleaning cloths. Afterwards, we sang some action songs and went back to the classroom so that the grown-ups could spend time with their children with our lovely resources, have a play outside and even dig in the mud. Thank you to everyone who came along to join in.  It was fantastic to see so many of you.

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