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3, 2, 1 Blast Off!!

On Thursday 9th October, year 5 blasted off to the National Space center in Leicester.  Upon arrival of our shuttle craft, we embarked on our mission to explore planets and galaxies far, far away.   Once our shuttle craft had engaged the landing dock, we disembarked and delivered our load of lunchboxes to the cargo area.  With great haste, we prepared to board a shuttle simulation to the moon, Europa.  Wow! The pre-ride debriefing meeting did not prepare us for the exhilarating journey we were about to experience.  Screams of terror filled the spacecraft as asteroids, comets and frozen mountains were negotiated. Mr. Evans said, “It was fun, but I would not risk it again.”   On return from the space station we made our way to the Patrick Moore Planetarium.  What an incredible experience! 360 degrees of space magic as we all became astronauts and traversed our wondrous universe.   A light vacuum packed lunch followed. Then it was down to business.  Real space rockets, lunar capsules, holographic film shows, Mars space reports and so much more.  What a day! The space cadets all agreed it really was the trip of a lifetime. Mr. Harrigan and Mr. Evans would like to thank all the space cadets for working so hard on the day. However, the whole of year 5 cadet school would like to say thank you to Mrs Cooper, Mrs Williams, Mrs Wollacott  and Mrs Barratt.  Due to their organisation skills and kindness, the trip was a great success.

Space Cadets at the ready sir.

Space Cadets at the ready sir.

Picture trip space 267

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