Holywell Primary and Nursery School

Spies, Lies and Bad Guys

4jt 034Year 4’s topic this half term is Spies, Lies and Bad Guys.

As part of our WOW, The Spy Academy visited us today with a range of exciting activities.

After creating our unique spy identify cards (complete with name, number and fingerprints), we made decoding wheels which we can now use to send our friends secret messages! We looked at some tricky codes used in history and had 3 minutes to crack the code – mission impossible!

By mixing together sodium bicarbonate and water, we made a solution suitable for writing invisible messages with. Once our writing had dried, we used grape juice to reveal the messages. Clever, huh! Our final activity was to learn all about Morse Code which fits in very nicely with our Science topic of electricity and spy gadgets.